Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Skald's Tale (1): The Eye of the Raven

Eye of the Raven - Campaign Map

The Eye of the Raven watches over all, as plots are hatched, jealous raiders look across the seas and invaders make their plans for conquest.

At the start of our campaign eleven factions are poised for conquest. On the mainland of England, a fragile peace exists between the Anglo-Saxons in the south and, within the Danelaw, the Anglo-Danes. Northumbria, isolated, remains under the protection of the queen of the Anglo-Saxons. To the west, the land is threatened by the restless Welsh, while the wild Scots who occupy the mountainous lands to the north are an ever-present threat to more civilised lands. Between them lie the Norse Gaels in the mysterious hills of Strathclyde, while across the Channel, to the distant south, ambitious Normans and Franks look to expand their own empires. And watching all of this, jealous Warlords from the island kingdoms far across the seas - the Irish, and three nations of Vikings - arm themselves to raid and plunder wealthier foreign lands.

 And so, the struggle to find the King of all the Lands begins...

At the beginning of Part II of the Saga of Sagas, a great scholar again writes:

"Our Saga of Sagas now moves on, this time its tale expanding to the islands around Britain and as far as Iceland. Once more, its heroic narrative tells of the struggle for power between dark age warlords, some of whom we have met before in earlier tales."


And so this intermittent blog continues as a new Saga campaign at Wycombe Warband begins. This time, our campaign uses reules modified from Age of the Wolf, incorporating the campaign map shown above. All the details are posted at Enjoy!

- Basculf the Unwashed, writing on the first day of the new Campaign

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